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Derm sheild

After 8- 24 hours of the first wrap, warm the wrap under hot water and pull down from the top corner.

It is important to pull down instead of away.   

After the bandage is off, wash with antibacterial soap, no fragrance soap.

Wash with warm water then use paper towels to dry the area. Do not use towels, they will have bad bacteria which can cause infection.

Once its completely dry, apply the second bandage, making sure there's no bubbles underneath.

This can stay on for 3-5 days, after it comes off apply small bits of aquaphor 

Traditional Healing

Keep the fresh tattoo wrapped for about 2-3 hours

Take off the wrap, wash with antibacterial soap and warm water for a few minutes

Apply thin layer of aquaphor.

Repeat this for the first 3 days 2- 3 times a day

NOTE: Aquaphor is what recommend but ointments like Tattoo goo or Hustle butter is good too.


Only use lotion after 5 days of healing

Wrist Tattoo

Special Attention

It is important during the first few days to keep it clean and away from bacteria, which mainly includes pet hair or placing a fresh tattoo on dirty surfaces.

Blemishes Swelling and flakiness is normal

If the fresh tattoo becomes super red around more area than the tattoo covers, that is a sign of possible infection.

Feel free contact me if you are unsure.

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